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Recopol furniture shell

Commercial Furniture Solutions is pleased to announce that Recopol™ mouldings have received the Green Tag™ certification from the global environmental label Ecospecifier. Ecospecifier has given the Recopol™ recycled Plastic mouldings a Gold Plus rating, achieving Certification of Level A for the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star calculator. For furniture designers and manufacturers using a Recopol™ shell for your internal framing of your furniture is an excellent starting point for the production of sustainable certified furniture.

Commercial Furniture Solutions have developed a smarter, safer and cleaner way to frame upholstered furniture. For eco-efficient and cleaner manufacturing, Recopol™ recycled engineering grade plastic shells replace timber framing, reduce labour production times, lower the volume of materials required and minimise the use of glues and waste generated during production. At end of life the Recopol™ shells can be sent back to Commercial Furniture Solutions or the furniture manufacturer for re-upholstery or recycling.

Commercial Furniture Solutions manufactures a range of stock Recopol™ shells and custom shells can be produced to specification, with in-house engineering production facilities, tooling costs are kept low.

Commercial Furniture Solutions specialise in moulding large shaped shells without expensive tooling costs. For increased efficiency, upholstery features such as grooves, flanges, voids, rebates and metal fixtures can be moulded into the shells.

Recopol™ can be used to mould a range of furniture frames including:

Recopol™ is redeeming a valuable resource, recycling engineered grade post-consumer plastics from the automotive, electronic, appliance waste streams and plastics from the pre-consumer industrial waste streams. Engineering grade plastics take hundreds of years to break down in landfill, by using Recopol™ shells these plastics can be used again in practical and durable products. Studies by the Centre for Design at RMIT University showed that Recopol™ was produced and processed with 50% less greenhouse gas emissions and 80% less energy than a virgin ABS plastic product.

Manufacturing advantages of using Recopol™ shells include:

Commercial Furniture Solutions welcomes discussions with furniture designers and manufacturers, Recopol™ shells are able to be shipped to all States and Territories of Australia and are available for export.


Material selected and chosen by Matrec EcoMaterials Library for its environmental performances. MATREC is the first EcoMaterials Library dedicated to environmentally sustainable materials and to their use in the industry, architecture and design.